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"I’ll miss him.

Join our characters as they begin their journey!

Meet Jax Lotari (played by Aubrey), Alanabelle Lyrin (played by Dan), and Kal’Koris vas Menna (played by Dylan) as they enjoy a pleasantly slow space-cruise which is about to get…interesting."

Plot summaryEdit

Kal'Koris spent time working up his cover as a dentist for humans, using the pseudonym Dr. Richard Quarian vas Quarian. He found himself undercover aboard a luxury liner called The Groban 2 with dignitaries and VIPs, including a man from the Blue Suns gang that he had been tailing, named Clark Gregg, no relation. Jax and Allanabelle found themselves aboard the same liner, working security.

As Kal'Koris and Clark Gregg, no relation, tuck into some space-shrimp, Jax approaches and they talk about dentistry.

Our heroes notice three scientists walking into the buffet hall who have until this point been very secretive. They sit down alone and whisper to themselves as they eat. Jax and Kal'Koris approach & engage in conversation but the scientists do not seem eager to talk.

Allanabelle chastises Jax for getting friendly with the people she's meant to be guarding and the heroes leave the quiet scientists alone. Kal'Koris asks Clark Gregg, no relation, if he knows who they are and Clark tells him that the scientists are part of a top secret program, not even the Blue Suns have a good idea of who they work for.

Jax had been monitoring our good undercover doctor, and she brings up how suspicious he is to Allanabelle who tells her that they plan on investigating his quarters later that night.


Dan - Allanabelle

Dylan - Kal'Koris

Aubrey - Jax

Taylor - NPCs