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S1E1 - Present

Alanabelle is a an Asari Huntress and holds the rank of Captain in the Asari military. There is very little record of her surname. An old document claims it as Lyrin, however the document appears crudely forge, not unlike an attempt Alanabelle would make out of boredom. She is the quickest to joke, most light-hearted, and apparently most mentally troubled on the team.

Early LifeEdit

Alanabelle was born on Thessia to parents who may or may not have both been Asari.

First CommandEdit

Alanabelle's first command was was aboard a mass relay in the process of being repaired. This command included Ziva, a Pureblood Asari who has a family secret even she doesn't know, Miriamia (Mira), a pilot with a black market shop and Ziva's parent, and Garfield, a thief with a PPE problem.

During a routine day on the mass relay, Garfield came into ownership of a mysterious blue orb. He tooki it to his Captain, Alanabelle, to see what he should do with it. During a briefing regarding the orb, Ziva exclaimed that it is actually hers.

The Attack on the Groban IIEdit

Events of the attack.

First Stop at the CitadelEdit

Crash on the Research ColonyEdit

Second Trip to the CitadelEdit

Attack on the Eclipse BaseEdit

Induction into the Leviathan ProjectEdit

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The DerelictEdit

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